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Wujiang Chemical Fiber Weaving Factory Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu Boyada Textile Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu Deshun Textile Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu Dehua Textile Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Peijie Textile Co., Ltd.
Sichuan Hengli Smart Textile Technologies Co., Ltd.

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    As a part of our vertical value chain expansion, we are now one of the largest weaving producers in the world, with over 30,000 weaving machines and an annual production capacity of 3 billion meters. Our weaving production bases are located in Jiangsu and Sichuan in China.

    With a focus on research and development, we have received numerous national patents, and multiple products have been awarded the prize of fabric trends of China. To keep our advantage in the industry, we're also pushing for digital transformation. By Connecting and upgrading our machinery, we have become the leader in industrial data analytics and automation in the weaving industry, achieving further reduced costs and higher product qualities.

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