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Jiangsu Hengli Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Deli Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Hengke Advanced Materials Co., Ltd

  • Polyesters 1

    With research & development, production capabilities in both commercial and industrial fibers. We are one of the largest polyester filament yarn producers and the largest in the fully drawn yarn (FDY) sector. In domestic China, we're one of the major producers in super-bright FDY, composite polyester, and high-quality industrial yarn (IDY).

    Our polyester sector owns multiple manufacturing sites in various locations in China. Three major sites located in Jiangsu Province, including Suzhou, NanTong, SuQian. Our plants use the world's leading production lines from major global suppliers. We strive to keep our machines state-of-the-art by implementing the industrial internet of things platform and smart plant technologies.

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