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Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Refinery Co., Ltd.

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    Hengli's 20 million tons per year (400 thousand barrels per day) integrated refining & chemical project is one of china's major private-owned refinery. Built with the concept of future-proof, we maintain a high standard throughout the life cycle of planning, construction, start-up, operations, and maintenance. We strive to become the leader in the industry by setting the new records of the shortest time in high-quality project completion and brining it on stream.

    Hengli refinery is the first plant to utilize ebullated-bed residue hydrocracking technology in China. Having a total hydrotreating capacity exceeding 27 million tons/year, at its core, is some of the world's largest refining units, including 9.6 million tons /year CCR units and 4.5 million tons/year aromatics units. Combined with other units, including MTBE, isomerization, alkylation, etc. Designed to create high-value products, our annual capacity is 4.5 million tons of aromatics, 9.92 million tons of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel; 1.62 million tons of naphtha, 960,000 tons of benzene, 540,000 tons of base oils, 500,000 tons of sulfur, 850,000 tons of polypropylene (PP), 350,000 tons of acetic acid.

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