Who we are

Winning the global market with everlasting will, efforts, and quality products

Thank you for visiting the official website of Hengli. On behalf of the company, I would like to express my gratitude to our customers and friends that provide supports and cares about the Hengli group's development.

Ever since founded in 1994, we have been keeping up with the market and global trend, pushing for a continuous transformation and upgrade. We have completed "crude oil to textile fabric" vertical value chain expansion. We are demonstrating the Hengli efficiency and Hengli quality to the global market in sectors of oil refining, petrochemicals, polyesters, chemical fibers, and textiles. As economic globalization continues, we keep our dedication to the core value of unity and ambition. With our roots and experiences in process manufacturing, we strive to achieve our higher-level goals, creating a bright future and prosperous business with our strategy and well-recognized brands. We look forward to working with global business partners from various fields and share our success with our customers by delivering the best products.

Once again, we thank you for your business!

Chairman and President, Hengli Group.

Chen Jianhua

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